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We are a well established company and have served the Western Cape area for the last ten years. Our pride is in our work and the quality of our construction speaks for itself


Quality starts at the very beginning - and we put the design of your home in the hands of a top team of architects. Working closely with you as a client they will combine your vision with their expertise and make your home a reality on paper.

So for a well insulated and ventilated home let them put you on the right track.
There have been numerous advances in timber frame technology over the last two years and our timber homes have certainly proved themselves in this area. ‘Noisy first floor’ problems are a thing of the past - quality in structure and style are now the name of the game. We also specialize in any type of brick home and will build any home designed by your architect or our team. No alteration or addition is too big or too small for us.

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